Working over a couple of months in a Portas team, main responsibilities include:

  • Conducting analysis, modelling and research
  • Contributing to team problem-solving
  • Helping to prepare presentations and other client materials
  • Conducting interviews with clients and industry experts

Having pursued my sporting passions to the highest levels, Portas provided a unique opportunity to combine my enthusiasm for all things sport with the intellectual challenge of driving real change for our clients. Surrounding myself with work colleagues of high sporting and academic calibre has provided a similar environment to my sporting days, to drive me to achieve success in my professional career.

James Larman, Business Analyst & Former Intern

We are looking for highly numerate candidates from top schools, fulfilling the following requirements:

  • Excellent academic record
  • Strong analytical, quantitative and conceptual problem-solving skills
  • Good working knowledge of PowerPoint/Excel
  • Preference for team work
  • Demonstrated passion for sport

As an Intern at Portas Consulting, you will develop many core consulting skills (e.g., identifying issues, structuring problems, conducting analysis, developing presentations) as well as developing an understanding of the sports and entertainment sector. You will work with senior clients on a regular basis and make a tangible difference from your first day. Strong performance as an Intern will bring the opportunity of a long term career with Portas Consulting.   


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