Simple and pragmatic approach to accelerate and boost adidas’ data driven consumer-centric strategy.

Adidas leadership recognised the need for greater oversight and control of the overall programme of insights-led initiatives to overcome the current siloed functional approach.

We created an overall plan to boost adidas’ data driven consumer-centric approach within its business and recommended a newgovernance structure and programme management framework.

We also identified and created the plans for selected showcases to demonstrate the value of insights across the organisation.

The Portas team has delivered excellent consulting support, combining a high degree of pragmatism, a deep understanding of the sports industry, and a tailored approach to address our key business questions.
Big Data Director)

Our approach 

We conducted a highly collaborative process by interviewing over 30 stakeholders and holding working sessions with numerous teams across the business. We identified, codified and shared best practices from around the world, from inside and outside sport.

We also conducted a fact-based and rigorous analysis of the situation and opportunities and generated informed and creative ideas for enabling the organisation and people to be truly data driven and consumer-centric.

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