Princess Nourah University

CSR initiative in partnership with Princess Nourah University, the largest female university in the world. 

Since establishing our Middle East office, we have collaborated with Princess Nourah University (PNU) in Saudi Arabia.

The collaboration aimed to educate young Saudi females, through their coursework and extracurricular activities, on the importance of physical activity in their daily lives.

This initiative was prompted by the Portas National Participation Survey for Saudi Arabia 2015 which revealed physical activity amongst Saudi females to be significantly below international and regional benchmarks, with only 7% of Saudi females over the age of 15 exercising once a week or more.

Our approach

We worked with PNU to design and implement a range of initiatives centred around physical activity, including multi-disciplinary projects, digital marketing campaigns, internship programmes, Pedometer Challenges, etc.

The success of this collaboration has been celebrated by the Rector of the University and received the President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching and the President’s Industry Engagement Award.

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