Market entry strategy and plan for the UK Sports Market.

SecuTix recognised the opportunity of entering the UK Sports Market, but required support in identifying potential clients and a way of entry.

We identified the most attractive opportunities for SecuTix in the UK Sports Market and described how SecuTix should approach these. Furthermore, we supported SecuTix in negotiations with identified clients.

Saracens was the first UK partner of SecuTIX 360° Ticketing Solutions, marking entry into the UK ticketing market.

Our approach

We conducted a highly consultative process by engaging potential clients and ticketing experts in the UK to gain a deep understanding of ticketing in the UK Sports Market and areas of opportunity for SecuTix.

We also supported SecuTix by conducting business discussions with other potential clients to create a pipeline of future options, and built the team and processes to deliver the new business activities. 

We also worked in close collaboration with SecuTix to transfer the knowledge and help them establish relationships with potential clients.

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